Thursday, April 28, 2016

Day 241 - Reading Lots of Great Stuff

Today I started the book, 
Salt, Fat and Sugar by Michael Moss
found here 

Truthfully, I'll read anything about food. But when you combine food facts with blatant skullduggery I'm doubly intrigued. This book, I'm only on page xxii, is already implicating the greedy food manufacturers of knowingly forcing as much 'craving capability' into their foods as is humanly possible. And just as the money didn't trickle down to us peons when the millionaires got their hands on it, simply hearing they 'could do better for folks' by reducing these obesity ingredients only spurred them on to increase them. 

In 1999, there was a meeting in Minneapolis of these big wigs, where this cool guy, James Behnke, a top official at Pillsbury, hoped to gather the men and appeal to their sense of honor as a group, sharing the new findings on obesity that implicated their products. Asking if they might want to get ahead of the ball, so to speak. They left apparently spurred on to increase our global addiction. 

Yup folks, these are our 'successful' companies. The few we've kept around the good old U.S. of A, closer to the wheat fields and the Florida-everglade-poisoning sugar plantations. Closer to the manufactured veggie oils and Iowa primary corn syrup plants... Kraft, Nabisco, General Mills, Nestle, Mars, Proctor and Gamble, Coca- Cola. All there. Oh and don't forget the companies that refine the foods into toxic sugar streamlining devises, Cargill and Tate & Lyle...

You know, basically all those crazy guys that thought kids might like cereal more, if only... 

Just as an informative little tidbit, I happened to live in Minneapolis at the time of this meeting and I don't remember anything about this meeting. Why? Because it was secret, of course! But my daughter just happened to go on a school field trip that year, guess where... Cargill. Come to find out, they were recruiting our children to want to end up working there in the innocence of their 7th grade of school. Some kind of 'f'd-up career day BS. I remember she 'liked the lady', which at the time seemed nice and now kind of creeps me out.

Anyway, this book is going to get some reading time from me this week.

Be informed people, it won the Pulitzer Prize!
Gotta go read.
Love ya.


  1. Although I haven't read the book, I've certainly seen a number of articles about it. This stuff is both maddening and depressing and yet another in-our-face reason why we have to untangle big biz, particularly agribiz, from their positions of untouchable power.

  2. I get frustrated when I read this stuff too (which I DO want to read that book!) but it helps me to remind myself that WE HOLD THE POWER. We can choose what we want to eat and if none of us ate that stuff, they wouldn't make it anymore. Things are changing and we are getting smart!

  3. I know that sugar, in all it's forms including "diet", is a highly addictive chemical for me, and the largest culprit for the persistent pockets of fat, patriularly around my mid-section. When I remove it from my diet what I have left is pretty much all good. I'm not talking extreme, but sweetness in every form. Love your writings, dear sis. 2 days you'll be 2/3 done with a year. ��

  4. I can't wait to read it. I just finished The Food Babe and it completely opened my eyes to what deception lurks in these companies. I can't believe what's in our food.

  5. Sounds very interesting. There are so many good books out there with this important information. I look forward to you sharing more about this book when you finish it.